Deals and new releases for 7/10/2019

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Nuts and a Choking Corpse by Amber Crewes

A murdered unemployed entertainer. An evil campaign of unchallenged rumors. Can a small town bakery owner who’s caught in the middle prove her innocence? Can she set aside her emotions and piece together the clues that will lead her to the real killer in the nick of time?

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A Deadly Delivery by April Fernsby

Karis Booth has had psychic abilities for as long as she can remember, but she’s never used them to solve a murder — until now. While visiting her estranged sister’s bakery, a young woman arrives and Karis sees something odd: two shadows are following the woman — but only one of them belongs to her.

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Your New Releases

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Selective Spells by Willow Mason

The coven excommunicated me but that doesn’t mean I’m a bad witch. Still, it’s left me in a bind. So when I see a sign asking for an assistant, I go for it. Sure, there’s a murder to solve, a killer on my tail, and pennies in my bank account, but it’s still better than working in a supermarket.

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Peanut Butter Pies and Dangerous Lies by Willow Monroe

It’s Sugar Hill’s two-hundredth birthday and the cherry on top of the celebration is Jimmy Bones, Sugar Hill’s homegrown country music legend. It’s only fitting that his farewell concert would be right here at home. But for Jimmy, it really is a final concert — because somebody’s got it out for him.

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Grimoires of the Galère by T.L. Woodliff

Mist and the galère have spent years working to bring magic into the world around them. But when they’re called to the mountains by Gaia herself, everything changes and the women return to the prairies with powers they can’t understand — and a historical murder mystery to solve.

$3.99 or KU